Image-Pro Premier 3D 

3D Image Analysis Software IMAGE-PRO PREMIER 3D

Visualize, render, count, classify, measure and animate

Imaging software that delivers quantitative results for complex image sets using powerful analytical tools and a stunning array of input and visualization options, enriched by platform-level automation capabilities.

3D Image Analysis Software IMAGE-PRO PREMIER 3D

Powerful 3D Image Analysis Software

3D image analysis software designed for research professionals who need to view and measure structures in a variety of spatial or temporal image dimensions.

Image-Pro Premier 3D is unique because it delivers all the essential 3D analysis tools in one easy-to-learn and use software package.

Measure automatically
Size and Shape
Calculate 3D object and region dimensions, ferret sizes, volumes, and more. Know everything there is to know about the morphology of you image materials.
Object Count
Quantify the 3D objects in your volume with ease. Account for touching objects or even partial objects that have been severed by the volume boundaries.
3D Object Count
3D Intensity and Density Intensity and Density
Determine how bright or dark your 3D objects are one-by-one or in total with measurements such as Integrated Optical Density.
Identify what to measure
Segment by Intensity
Use histogram-based methods to select your areas of interest, instantly highlighting them as 3D objects in the volume display. There is no limit to the number of segmentations you can perform, so even subtle variations in gray-scale or color to be separated for analysis. 
Filter by Measurement in 3D Classify
Using a user defined classification method, cells, particles or objects may be grouped into classes based on any measurement parameter for distribution analysis.
Classify by Measurement
Using an automatic classification method, bins of classes can be created and applied to all the measured 3D objects in the data graph. Use this to easily color-code and classify 3D objects in the view and on the data tables and graphs.
Classify by Measurement in 3D
Object Splitting & Merging
It becomes necessary to split touching objects in many images so we’ve provided both automatic watershed-based splitting techniques as well as a manual point-to-point based splitting method to get the job done.
Object naming and coloring
This makes it easier to keep track of what’s what by allowing each object to receive a unique name and color through editing the data table or simply double-clicking the object itself.
Eliminate objects touching image border
In cases where you only want complete and intact volumes that are not cut off by the image stack’s borders you can enable a clean borders setting to ignore these objects.
Object appearance
The appearance of each object is very important to accurate visualization so parameters for each object are able to edited including color, transparency, specularity.

Guided Segmentation

Measure complex 3D objects

Generate Outlines
Use any 2D frame to define objects as unique collections of outlines. Name and color code them for clarity.
Z Propagation
Propagate the segmentation up or down through the stack, using Auto or Semi-Auto techniques and review the outlines for edits as needed.
Isosurface Creation
Automatically generate isosurfaces from your collection(s) of outlines. Measure volume, surface, intensity, and unique morphological object measurements.Generate Outlines
Guided Segmentation enables a whole new world of ultrastructure imaging by tackling the most difficult 3D image analysis challenges, employing a simple guided workflow.

Manual 3D measurements

Measure precisely what you want

Length along surface

Length from surface to surface



Distances from reference point

Angle from reference plane

Watch Example Animations
Explore what is possible using the key-frame driven animation.

IC Microtome Animation

BSED Neurons Animation

Al Stack Animation

3 Channel Cells Animation

Chromosomes Animation

Pollen Animation



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