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PureFocus850 Laser Autofocus System

Revolutionary Third Generation Laser Autofocus for Advanced Microscope Automation

PureFocus850 Laser Autofocus System
  • Stepper motor and analog servo and Piezo outputs all available from one controller
  • 1 millisecond response time (typical)
  • Simple dichroic adjustment for easy install
  • Easily adapted to any infinity optical system
  • 850 nm laser minimizes impact for fluorescence microscopy
  • Software setup and control GUI provided
  • Stores multiple objective parameters for single and multi-objective use
PureFocus850 PureFocus850 PureFocus850

PureFocus850 is a revolutionary laser autofocus for biological and industrial imaging.

Prior Scientific’s PureFocus850 combines advanced optics and intelligent in-built microprocessing to provide a real time focus system for infinity corrected optical systems. A motorized offset lens allows real-time adjustment of the imaging depth into the sample, continuously holding the precise distance between imaging focal point and a reference boundary of choice.

The PureFocus 850 is easily adaptable to any optical system, it is suitable to both upright and inverted microscopes. The patent pending PureFocus 850 system allows powerful automated autofocus functionality to be added to existing microscope systems by installing the unit into the infinity space (between objective and tube lens). The PureFocus850 is an integrated unit comprising of an IR laser diode, precision optical components, detector and signal processing electronics with on-board micro controller. Outputs directly drive a step motor or provides output for servo or Piezo drives.

With the ability to autofocus on different interfaces including slides, glass bottom dishes, flow chambers and many more.

Features :

  • High speed – 1ms typical response time
  • Software setup program provided
  • Simple dichroic adjustment for easy install
  • 850nm diode laser
  • Output for step motors, Piezo drives, and servo motors
  • Configurable for multiple objectives and sample types
  • Compensates for microscope drift
  • Works with both upright & inverted optical systems

Benefits :

  • Fast and easy to setup system and start focusing
  • Easy to mount in infinity path
  • No color shift; outside the visible light range
  • Outside the emission of most fluorophores
  • Works with your existing opitcal system
  • Easy to change parameters via PC command or keypad
  • Market leading system to reliably focus on slides and well plates
  • Maintain in focus images for long term studies
PureFocus850 on Microscope



Data Storage
Semiconductor Wafers
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Laser Ablation
Other automated inspection and vision based applications


Ink Jet
Razor blade
Reflective Optics
Photovoltaic (PV)
Diamond Fly Cutting


Cell Culture
Confocal Imaging
Neuroscience Imaging
Fluorescence imaging
Cytology & Pathology
Well plates & Slides
Routine Microscopy

Technical Specification
Parameter Value Units
Static physical
Material Aluminium
Size 192 L x 119 W x 50.50 H mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Laser wavelength 850 nm
Laser optical output power < 0.77 mW, Class 1
Dichroic 50% cut-of 800 nm
Dichroic clear aperture, diameter 32 mm
Dynamic physical (Typical values)
* Update Rate 1 ms

General Information Value Units Notes
Microscope geometries Upright / Inverted / OEM Note 1
Sample types Glass slides / glass bottom dishes / flow chambers / well plates / Wafers / other reflective materials
Objective Types 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 50x, 60x, 100x dry / water immersion / oil immersion Note 2
Power input (controller) 24 V DC
35 W
Power & data cables 1.5 m

Typical Setup Way

PF850 Dimensions



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